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Formularz noclegowy

Formularz noclegowy

Mamy dobrą wiadomość dla wszystkich szukających noclegów w naszym rejonie! Uruchomiliśmy prosty formularz, który po uzupełnieniu zostaje automatycznie… więcej »

2 marca 2024
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Już wiosna

Zima zanim się pojawiła to już zniknęła… Pełni optymizmu przygotowujemy się do sezonu letniego, który pomału wkracza w Masyw Śnieżnika - 01.03.2024 temperatura wyniosła 15 stopni, więc nie ma… więcej »

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Śnieżnik 1425 m n.p.m.
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Międzygórze is a quiet resort, hidden amidst the wild and beautiful mountains of the Massif of Śnieżnik. The picturesque location surrounded by forests and mountain creeks of the Śnieżnik Landscape Park splendidly highlights the exceptional 19th century Norwegian and Tyrolean style guesthouse architecture.

The place became appreciated for its unique natural and recreational characteristics in the 19th century and it was then that it developed into a prestigious spa of Wolfelsgrund. The beautiful timber villas of that time have been preserved to this day, and continue to teem with life, providing a climatic accommodation base boasting of true traditions.

Międzygórze and its immediate surroundings offer numerous attractions: historical and sacral architecture, natural wonders and rare landscapes, excellent conditions for sports and leisure both in summer and winter. Depending on one’s needs, it is a perfect place for both a quiet retreat or days packed with activity. Situated off the beaten track of mass tourism, Międzygórze offers a possibility of relaxation and rest, allowing visitors to regenerate.

Beaten tracks end in Międzygórze, from here on the traveller ventures further following forest paths, mountain, biking, and skiing trails… Time slows down visibly and life follows a serene rhythm. The nature reigns, getting very close, penetrating each nook and cranny…

It does not prevent Międzygórze from developing and modernising. The best example of changes respecting the history is the representative ulica Sanatoryjna [Spa Street] whose glamour of the past has been restored by renovation of its old villas carried out with utmost care to detail and repairs of the surface of roads, pavements. Parking lots have also been created and a stylish lighting system has been installed.

The Wilczka Waterfall Nature Reserve has also been extensively revitalised, while the scope of modernisation included construction of a small promenade leading from the resort’s centre to the waterfall. The promenade was designed to cater to needs of people with disabilities.The accommodation base is constantly growing and presently it offers more than one thousand beds in pensions, villas, agritourism facilities, and guestrooms. An attractive offer includes catering, sports, and recreation as well as other accompanying services meeting expectations of even the most demanding tourists. Miedzygórze is constantly planning further improvements only to make a stay in the Międzygórze resort even more attractive.

GOPR Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue

Międzygórze can boast of one of the most modern stations of the GOPR Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue in Poland. The new building,with a design inspired by its mountainous surroundings, is well-inscribedwithin the landscape while its immediate vicinity has been adapted and equipped to the needs of rescue operations. The staff of the all-year-round GOPR station in Międzygórze have also been provided with professional equipment: quads, snowmobiles, a Land Rover Defender, and – obviously - appropriate medical supplies in order to guarantee maximum safety to tourists. Inour mountains hikers may feel safe since they are in good care of professionally trained rescuers. The investment was partly subsidised by the EU in the frames of the Dolnoslaskie Regional Operational Programme.

We wish our visitors only safe and well-advised mountain treks, should anything unexpected happen, however, our GOPR Rescue and Search Service Station at ul. Śnieżna 23c may be contacted 24/7 all year round.

Telefony alarmowe: 985 oraz 601 100 300
Aktualny komunikat GOPR: http://meteo.gopr.pl